Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, all of our same providers are still on the platform. Additionally, we are expanding our network to bring on providers experienced in working with medical travelers. This means we can now offer additional destinations and specialties to cover almost any need.

Our business model has changed, so it makes sense to re-brand to communicate a new direction to our global audience. Pulse now services the needs of the world’s best medical professionals and patient-care facilitators. Our core mission to provide a safe environment where patients can connect with the best doctors the world has to offer has however not changed.

Our medical and dental partners set their own prices. Besides our usual trust & support fee, Pulse is not adding anything to increase these prices. As always, we are fervent supporters of fair and transparent pricing and partner with providers that share this belief.

Yes, all your files are still being securely hosted on Pulse should you need to access them.

Yes, we are, and our partnership with the Medical Tourism Association means we can help you get trained and certified to work as a patient facilitator.

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